How Energy Healing Works




Chi Vibrational Healing is a distance energy healing treatment (via phone) of energy transference from practitioner to client. All treatments are preceded by a phone consultation where the treatment outline will be explained in detail and where client can get their questions answered. Client will not have to be present by phone for treatment, only for the consultation.




Stress, trauma and illness restrict the natural flow of Chi (Life Force Energy) and expresses itself as ill-ness through body and mind. By restoring Chi to the body, Chi Vibrational Healing rejuvenates the bodies ability to relax and distress, and supports its ability to heal itself.


In addition to the practitioner radiating the Chi (energy) through her mind to the client, sessions may incorporate certain breathing techniques, guided imagery, water, and perhaps additional recommendations to break up energy blocks and to assist with healing.


Energy healing treatments are also referred to as distant healing, remote healing, energy alignments, etc. and there are many other similar modalities such as Reiki or Quantum Touch just to name a few.