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About Connie Sloneker - Energy Healing Practitioner/Wellness Coach

Connie has been helping people to gain optimum health for most of her adult life. After she experienced tremendous success with her own health issues she turned to assisting family members and friends to help restore their health as well.

She has since developed her own style by taking the best from everything she has learned and by allowing intuition to guide her. Her style is ‘down to earth’ and she is passionate about helping people to regain their physical and emotional health. Her training includes Hypnotherapy 1980’s), being a certified instructor for Silva Ultra Mind ESP (™) (1990’s) and Silva Ultra Mind Alternative Healing (™) (1990’s), EFT (™) practitioner (1990’s), and she has also studied other healing modalities with a special interest in Energy Work and Mind Power and continues to further her knowledge as a student for life.

From that journey Chi Vibrational Healing was born and it is her own unique style.