I had a physical illness for 12 or 13 years and was only in my early 20’s when I just couldn’t take it anymore and got tired of almost being dead and called out to God, telling him that I stopped taking my medication and to either let me die or send me help. About a month later I saw a business opportunity ad on KT Radio, I called the number and it was Connie. As I got to know her I learned about her passion for healing and she helped me step by step and I feel better than what I’ve ever felt before. - Chuck T., Texas


Connie saved my life. I was on the verge of committing suicide when I called Connie. She worked with me and I am feeling great again. - Ramzee H., New Jersey


After a severe ear infection for 35 years with black smelly puss coming out of my ear, I heard about Connie and called her. She helped me in ways that doctors were not able to do and I even traveled to the U.S. for surgery without any results. With only three treatments my ear has completely healed and even my hearing is almost back to normal. - Kamal, Nepal


I’ve had PTSD for several years and I suffer from anxiety and depression. Even though I’ve been taking medicine for anxiety and depression many times it seems that it wasn’t enough. I have been fortunate to receive the help from Connie, and after the first treatment I woke up the next morning, and for the first time in years I felt calm and relaxed, and able to concentrate on what I needed to do. Thank you Connie. - Roger L., Washington


A client called me this morning March 4th, 2019 saying “Connie, I could tell exactly when you gave me the treatment last night, my energized water started fizzing and it was still like that in the morning”, and then he emailed me this image. Have never heard that before but stranger things have happened and I thought it would be fun sharing. - Connie


Healing testimonial from Ramzee