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Chi Vibrational Treatments transcend time and space and are solely done via phone and are intuitively guided from Universal Energy that everything animate and inanimate is connected to. I wasn’t born with a special gift and I am not gifted, however I developed a gift of healing over many years of study and implementation and a passion for helping people to enjoy life again. I consider myself a conduit in the treatment process and I tune in by using the amazing power of the subconscious mind and by being guided by Spirit. Each treatment is different and often it only takes one treatment to achieve the desired result.

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For information or to set an appointment, please text or call me at:


Please keep in mind that these are Holistic and Alternative Health treatments and the goal is not only to eliminate the symptoms but to find the cause of the problem and facilitate a condition for the body to heal itself on a deeper level.

Each treatment includes a fact finding session between 20 minutes to an hour depending on gathering all the information about your condition and also to answer all your questions. More of what is included will be covered in the consultation.


For details and availability please fill out this form or the form on the treatment page including a valid phone number… Click Here

Feel free to contact me with any questions before purchasing a session.


No claims are being made to diagnose, treat or cure any ill-ness or dis-ease.

Chi Vibrational Healing treatments can however facilitate optimum wellness for body and mind…

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